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Wiener Zeitung 26th June 2009


...It is sometimes interesting to take a look at not only the highlights but also at the so-called “repertoire” of the State Opera season. One such example was the 89th performance of Marco Arturo Marelli´s magically colourful and extremely humorous production of the “Magic Flute” which marked the State Opera debut of the Japanese conductor Joji Hattori. The prize-winning violinist has already shown his affinity with Mozart in Vienna through his work with the Wiener Kammeroper. In this production, [...]

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Thüringer Allgemeine 3rd March 2008


...A combination of grace and devotion ensured that the seventh Symphony Concert of the Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra was enthusiastically received by the public.(...) One can only find good things to say about the performance of Gioachino Rossini´s Strabat Mater, a piece in several movements with a hint of the operatic but a weak denouement. The orchestra played enthusiastically under a highly engaged Joji Hattori, with exemplary instrumental flair being demonstrated by, amongst others, sensitive horns, full-bodied strings and a [...]

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Lynn News 31 July 2007


...The Philharmonia is regarded as one of the world's great orchestras and arguably this country's finest. This was evidenced in the richness of tone in the first few bars played. Throughout, Japanese conductor Joji Hattori drew from his forces disciplined playing with strict observance of dynamics and tempi. Rossini's overture to The Barber of Seville opened the evening. He simply took this one "off the shelf" and substituted it. It has been a great favourite ever since. Hattori took [...]

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Eastern Daily Press 30 July 2007


...Tchaikovsky's Symphony No 6 with the Pathetique sombre opening (yes, the Philharmonia can do this too) showed the orchestra's melodic heart was on its sleeve and with fluid, energetic conducting - sometimes just a shrug of the shoulders - there was an exciting build-up to the third movement's march with string strength and bright brass inducing premature applause. But this happiness returned to the darker mood as they wrung out the emotion and one could sense them breathing the [...]

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Chichester Observer July 2007


...From the very first notes of Beethoven’s Symphony No 7 in a major the scene was set and the excitement began. Under the firm director of Joji Hattori, the first movement positively bounded along enthralling the packed Cathedral audience. The second movement allegretto in a minor key was taken at a slower pace producing a majestic and haunting interlude in this otherwise fast moving symphony. Returning to a major key, the orchestra leapt into a much faster speed for [...]

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Augsburger Allgemeine 7 May 2005


...As conductor Hattori leads the Vienna Chamber Orchestra to a firm, vivid sound which is full of expressiveness. This became all the more precious and significant in Joseph Haydn's Symphony No.60 in C major "Il distratto" ...

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The Performing Arts Journal 25 March 2005


Supple Music-Making by the Conductor Joji Hattori ...Sometimes we encounter a staging which "defies expectation" in the positive sense. On such occasion, there are new discoveries in the performed work as well as the performers. The production of Zazà at the Pit Theatre of the New National Theatre, Tokyo, revealed the theatrical talent of Leoncavallo, generally known as the composer of Pagliacci, who vividly depicted the life and love of the people involved in the stage, and furthermore, Joji [...]

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Der Standard 12 October 2004


...A successful start to the season at the Kammeroper. […] Joji Hattori is able to translate the tragic ambivalence of the text into music and uses every chance to turn the partly static libretto into a dynamic performance...

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Kronen Zeitung 10 October 2004


...Finally! After a long period the Kammeroper in Vienna managed to put on a production which fulfils its purpose to present new talent. In "La Finta Giardiniera", an early work by Mozart, a really solid and convincing project has been created; its success was primarily due to the conductor Joji Hattori. […] The conductor Joji Hattori, who has entered the world of musical theatre with this production, demonstrated Mozart's mastery of the musical characterization in this work with all [...]

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Wiener Zeitung 9 October 2004


...Are you aware of the Kammeroper? It could well be worth a visit to a performance there as it has succeeded in presenting a really musically respectable production. As soon as initial premiere nerves were out of the way, one was able to hear the conductor Joji Hattori (debut at the Kammeroper) achieve a remarkably compact ensemble. He charmed a graceful sound out of the little pit, adding well sprung accents and creating phrases always in accordance with the [...]

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